Barcelona – Jumping Tour


The beginning of the summer started with a promo video in Barcelona! You can follow us throughout the city while watching some fun jump rope moves, with both beaded and plastic ropes! Enjoy watching!

You can find the video here: Barcelona skipping


Latest video from Germany

Jump Rope Morning

If you are up for a bit of morning workout, do not forget to take your jump rope with you!
Check out some fun moves and combinations what you can learn to do with a better skipping rope!
Enjoy the video: Jump Rope Morning

Jump Rope News


Our Jump Ropes have been very popular all over the world, make sure you take the time to get your own rope and start exercising soon! Check out the colors, you can create your own design!
Here is a short video to get you inspired: Jump Rope Inspiration


Busy traveling and training days


It has been a very busy traveling month, and now ready to train and recharge for the upcoming trips! You can read more  information about my January experiences on my other website: Adrienn Banhegyi


Video Contest


Get yourself filmed while demonstrating some of your favorite tricks! Make sure we can see your creativity, originality and talent! We are looking forward to watching some great ideas! There are different categories for individuals and teams, definitely a fun project to participate in!

Each category has a first place prize and second place prize! Just by entering, you will receive a $5 gift certificate! The deadline to apply is February 26th! Do not miss it!

I am one of the lucky ones to have the honor to be part of the judges’ team! For more information, click on the link: Video Contest Application

Workshops and performances


Have a look at the latest workshop from Munich at Leo’s Sports Club! We had a great workout, mastered plenty of spectacular jump rope tricks in a perfect atmosphere!

The next workshops are coming up in October in Bremen and Berlin! Keep an eye on the dates! Enjoy watching the video and try to keep up with us!

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