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  • Jumpplus Cable Ropes are designed for multiple training purposes - multiple unders, speed, tricks and combinations can be performed at top level with our freestyle rope.

    Jumpplus Cable Rope

    1. Jumpplus Cable Ropes are excellent for those who wish to work on multiple skills at the same time. The ropes are designed for intermediate and advanced jump ropers, who have already mastered the basic jump rope tricks and ready to challenge themselves with combinations. The ropes can be used indoors and outdoors, however jumping on a springy and smooth surface will not only protect your joints but the rope as well!
      The ropes are easily adjustable and great for group lessons!
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  • Jumpplus Duo Pink Black - for all the training partners!

    Jumpplus Duo


    Get in shape together and share the colours!

    Jumpplus Duo Set is designed for couples, friends, partners who like to train together! Enjoy the mix of pink and black a jump together!

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  • Jumpplus Long Plastic Ropes are excellent for Double Dutch Speed practices.

    Jumpplus Long Cable Rope


    Long plastic ropes can be used mainly for practicing Double Dutch speed and multiple unders. The ropes are easy to turn, the long handles allow the turners to practice different turning combinations. The jumpers are always challenged to keep up with the speed!

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