Jumpplus World aims at educating and giving ideas of the creative and effective use of jumping rope!
Burning calories, learning a skill, enjoying a great cardio workout, improving your coordination, concentration and condition, joining a great team  – all at once – our jump rope classes and courses will be just a perfect match for you!

The founder - Adrienn Banhegyi

I have started jump rope after my father had established a school club for children with learning disabilities, and for students from poor families to practice skipping, so that they can improve their skills and have an access to a simple and great tool – a jump rope.

Plenty of schoolchildren found great challenge, had lots of fun, and opportunities by joining the jump rope club, so the initial goal has been achieved quite fast.

We joined the International Federation of Rope Skipping (FISAC) and had the chance to compete at World and European Championship.

My dream as a child was ready to come true – I wished to become the best in the whole world at something – which turned to be jump rope. After several World and European Champion titles, we received requests to perform at some very prestigious events (Cirque du Soleil, NBA New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Hollywood – Home and Family etc.). Jump rope proved to be the sport I enjoy the most, and I believe that it has unique benefits not only to our physical but also to our mental well-being.

Being a Physical Education teacher, I constantly look for possibilities to share my jump rope knowledge, so more of us can enjoy the benefits of skipping. Over the last years, we taught numerous jump rope workshops which received great feedback.

Thanks to all the positive reinforcement, Jumpplus World has been created. Both the name and the program reflects our intention: using a simple tool to its maximum potential, and aim to share the modern use of jump rope with as many people as possible – there are plenty of possibilities even with a jump rope in your hand – it can take you all around the world.

In the light of these goals, I am happy to share with you our mission!

Find the nearest Jumpplus World class to your location, get in touch with our instructors and learn more about our programs. We also offer professional jump ropes, check our selection in the Shop, and pick the ones you like the most. Would you need any further assistance or have any special requests, do not hesitate to reach out, will be glad to hear from you.

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