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  • Cable

    5.90 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus Cables are working great with any handle, whether shorter or longer. However, the adjusting clips we provide with the cables are designed to fit perfectly with our Jumpplus Handles.

    Fast and durable, excellent for tricks and multiples.

    The diameter of the cable is 4mm.

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  • Jumpplus Handles

    6.90 inc. Vat
    1. Jumpplus Handles work great with cable and beaded ropes. You want to replace your handles or just would like to change for a new colour? Our handles are ready to serve you for a long time!

    – we offer 12 different choices of colours.
    – the handles are 20 cm long.
    – the weight is 24 g/handle

    For further information have a look at the description below!

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  • Jumpplus Mattress

    Jumpplus Mattress

    75.90 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus Mattress has been designed to provide an excellent experience when working out!
    It is 183 cm x 91,5 cm large, made of high quality, ultra durable material. Perfect for outdoors and home workouts, protecting your joints and your rope at the same time.

    The edges are planned with round corners to make sure it works great for all jump rope moves.

    Check for more information in the detailed description below.

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  • Jumpplus Mini Bands

    Jumpplus Mini Band

    15.00 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus Mini Bands are one of our favourite products besides jump ropes! Durable, long-lasting and high quality material for an excellent workout! Easy to carry around, you can work all your muscles, change the difficulty level by working with a different colour band!
    Make sure to add it to your training equipments, you will not regret it!

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 4-21 business days in Europe, 7-31 business days outside of Europe!


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  • Jumpplus World Sock

    Jumpplus Socks

    14.00 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus Socks are designed not only to provide comfort to your feet but also to keep your muscles warm, support your tendons and spice up your fitness outfit. They are available in 2 different colour combinations, black-white and red-white colours, and come in 4 different sizes (kids sizes included).

    Comfortable, cool-looking and protective, what more you need?

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 3-6 business days in Europe, 7-9 business days outside of Europe!

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  • Jumpplus Towel

    Jumpplus Towel

    28.00 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus Towel is an excellent accessory for your workouts whether in the gym, outside, or even on the beach!
    Microfiber, quick dry, colorful and fun.
    Jumpplus Towels come in two colors: Pink & Blue

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected between 3-5 business days in Europe, 7-12 business days outside of Europe!

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  • Jumpplus Water Bottle

    Jumpplus World Bottle

    18.90 inc. Vat

    – Eco friendly
    – Available in Black or White colors
    – Stainless steel
    – Designed for your Health
    – Capacity: 1 L
    – Thermal insulation (keeps heat, as well as it keeps cold)
    – Sporty look

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  • Soft Grip

    Soft Grips

    6.90 inc. Vat

    Elevate the feeling!

    Take our Soft Grips, set it on your jump rope handles & get a great touch!
    The non-slip surface will absorb every drop of sweat and will help maintain a precise grab of the handle!
    On the top of excellent technical features, our 3 designs will make your handle look outstanding!

    *Our Soft Grips can also be used for tennis and badminton rackets!

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 7 – 21 business days in Europe, 7 – 30 business days outside of Europe with Standard Postal Services.
    Due to COVID-19 delivery might be delayed.

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