Jumpplus Mattress

75.90 inc. Vat

Jumpplus Mattress has been designed to provide an excellent experience when working out!
It is 183 cm x 91,5 cm large, made of high quality, ultra durable material. Perfect for outdoors and home workouts, protecting your joints and your rope at the same time.

The edges are planned with round corners to make sure it works great for all jump rope moves.

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It is time to have your gym floor wherever you might do your workout! Our Jumpplus Mattress will provide an excellent surface to train on, it will help you to protect your joints as well as your jump ropes. We have designed it very carefully to meet the criteria of pro jumpers, fitness lovers and basically anyone who would like to enjoy the freedom and quality of exercising.

The Jumpplus Mattress is 183 cm x 91,5 cm large and 8mm thick, non-slip, durable ECO Friendly PVC mat. You just need to roll it, bring it with you and you are ready to workouts anywhere you like. The mat is about 5 kg and it comes with a folding bag. It is easy to store and carry around.

If you are a fan of conditional trainings and using speed ropes the Jumpplus Mattress is a must have. It will definitely extend the lifespan of your rope, just as when using any other jump ropes.

Adrienn love using her mat at home, more precisely in her kitchen, check it out HERE

It is not only comfortable for jump rope but it serves well yoga and pilates lovers, plenty of exercises can be executed on the Jumpplus Mattress!

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 183 × 91.5 × 0.8 cm


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