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Jumpplus Girls Team

Shows and Workshops

January and the beginning of February were a busy period, we enjoyed great events with our Jumpplus Trio and Girls crew. We performed in Prague, then we continued our journey to Slovakia where we performed at the ball of Senec football academy, the following weekend we were invited to Liptovsky Mikulás to be showing off […]

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Visited Schools

School visits

June is usually a month when we start to get the feeling for the summer holidays. But before the real heat kicked in, we visited a lot schools and spent some time with the kids, we shared some jump rope tips with them so that they can stay active during their vacation time. After the […]

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Jump Rope Workshop

Jump Rope Workshop

We had a crazy busy September with the Record Attempt and quite a few shows, as well as plenty of new classes started. For the end of October, we wanted to offer a special weekend for our students so we hosted a jump rope workshop in Szombathely. We were lucky to have Porter with us […]

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Jumpplus Beaded Ropes are one of the most durable ropes, they can last for several years, and can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

Love Skipping

For many of us during this special period jump rope has been a saviour! We hope you guys had a great summer despite all the limitation and new regulations. We are really grateful we could host our Summer Camp, thanks to everyone who joined us! Currently, we are absolutely sold out on cable and freestyle […]

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