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Being part of the French All Star Game was a very memorable experience this year with an amazing group of artists.

Festive shows

December has always been one of the busiest periods for entertainment. This year we had the pleasure to enjoy Xmas at home, however, we have not left our jump ropes in the storage 🙂 We started the month with our regular Santa Clause Jump Rope Cup in Kőszeg, which is one of the favourite events […]

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Talent Show - Jumpplus Trio

Talent Show

We have been eagerly waiting to have our Jumpplus show broadcasted on Cesko Slovensko ma talent’s last episode. Stevens, Ala and Adri have participated in the contest this year and had a great feedback from the judges and the studio guests. The recording turned out great and we are hoping to be in the final […]

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Jumpplus Stand

Jumpplus Stand

In October, we have been working at different sport events as well as at a few fairs, where we set up our Jumpplus tent and we welcomed different ages at our tables. We always love to share our jump rope knowledge with the big audience, and at these occasions we are glad to get a […]

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Jumpplus Academy

Live Shows

July was a great time for us, enjoying some beautiful weather and having some time training on the beach, with some Live TV shows to be part of. With our Jumpplus Academy crew, we were glad to be part of the morning show at Lake Balaton , where we could do a fun performance to […]

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Jumpplus Ladies in action

TV Shows

In June, we have been invited to perform at a few TV Shows, in Hungary, in Slovakia and Czech Republic as well. We have also represented the Slovakian Rope Skipping Federation near Bratislava at a national school sport contest in front of 1000 children. It has been a great promotion for jump rope and plenty […]

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Jumpplus Academy Challenge Day

Challenge Day

In May, we have visited a few places to perform at, but we also worked on doing a lot on Challenge Day, to have all the school kids and inhabitants of our city get active. The Jumpplus Academy girls did a couple of appearances at different events. The mini team has also competed at numerous […]

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Bouncing Ladies

Performances and competitions

In March and April, we enjoyed a few performances and dedicated quite some time for training to be ready for the upcoming competitions.  Local and national contests were on our schedule, we had a big crew participating at the Hungarian Student Olympics and everyone did an awesome job. We also had a few shows for […]

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Jumpplus Mini Team in action, right before the competition

Competition season is ON

In February, we have started with more competition season. Our Jumpplus Academy group participated at the National Demo and Team contest in Mórahalom, Hungary, where our mini team won first place in overall. The girls did an excellent job in adult category double dutch and came 6th overall. We did our first Demo contest with […]

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Be Active in 2023 and reach your fitness goals with us.

Be Active in 2023

Hope you guys had a great holiday season and recharged for the New Year and ready to Be Active again. Our main goal for 2023 is to stay active and share a lot of special moments with the jump rope community. We have started the preparations for our annual national rope skipping competitions, and we […]

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