Nara de Oliveira

Nara de Oliveira

Jumpplus Instructor


I’m Nara de Oliveira and I work as a Personal Trainer (CREF 004131-G / ES).  I have a degree in Physical Education from University Estácio de Sá (2010).  Postgraduate degree in Obesity and Weight Loss – University Gama Filho (2011) and postgraduate student in Functional Training and Cross Training – Instituto Valorize (2019 -2020).  Improved in eating disorders by AMBULIM – Institute of Psychiatry, Hospital das Clínicas, Faculty of Medicine, USP (2017). Certified in Functional Training, Suspension Training, Jumpplus World instructor (L1) and training in the Integrative Intuitive Exercise approach (2020).


I am passionate about physical exercises and jumping rope is part of my life style.

My goal is to help people maximize their health and optimize their functional capacity with exercises that are pleasant and safe, contributing to technical improvement and promoting self-care through movement.


Hugs, 🌹 @personalnaradeoliveira

Elinaria de Oliveira Silva (Nara de Oliveira)

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