Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for purchases made on Jumpplus World website : www.jumpplusworld.com

The Terms and conditions for Workshops and Instructor Training L1 & L2, it’s >> here <<

1. General

Please review these terms and conditions carefully before using our website. Your use of the Jumpplus World website indicates your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. Proprietary Rights

All trademark rights, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights to the contents of the Jumpplus World-website, (as well as the organization and layout of the website),
together with the underlying software code rest, either with Jumpplus World or with its licensors. You may not, either in whole or in part, copy, modify, distribute or use or reproduce in other form contents of the Jumpplus World-website, or the underlying software code, without the prior written consent of Jumpplus World.

In particular, you indicate your agreement to the following :

3. Orders

All orders placed by Buyer are subject to acceptance by Seller. All orders must identify the products, unit quantities, applicable prices and requested delivery methods of the Products being purchased. Seller may in its sole discretion allocate Product among its Customers.

4. Prices

The prices of the Products are those prices specified on the website. Pricing for undelivered Products may be increased in the event of an increase in Seller’s cost, change in market conditions or any other causes beyond the Seller’s reasonable control.

5. Taxes

Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless for any liability for tax in connection with the sale, as well as the collection or withholding thereof, including penalties and interest thereon.

6. Payment

Payment is done through PayPal, also allowing credit cards. PayPal terms are valid to all purchase made on Jumpplus World website. In the event of default by Buyer, Seller shall be entitled to costs, fees, and expenses.

7. Delivery

  1. Title and risk of loss pass to the Buyer upon delivery of the Product to the carrier. Seller’s delivery dates are estimates only and Seller is not liable for delays in delivery or for failure to
    perform due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Seller, nor shall the carrier be deemed an agent of the Seller.
  2. The items for shipment to countries outside of the E.U. may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country (“Import Fees”). The recipient of the shipment is the
    importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees. With respect to each item for which Import Fees have been calculated, you authorise Jumpplus World (as applicable) to designate a carrier (“Designated Carrier”) to act as your agent with the relevant customs and tax authorities in the destination country, to clear your merchandise, process and remit your actual Import Fees for such item. In the case of gifts or other purchases made on behalf of another recipient, you also agree to grant the foregoing authorisations on behalf of the recipient designated in your order.

8. Return & Refund Policies:

Item(s) must be in original condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. Customer must notify Jumpplus World within 30 days of ship date via email (info@jumpplusworld.com), then return the item within 14 days after the item has been approved for return. If the item(s) is in new condition and in the original packaging, you may exchange the item(s) for another item in the first 30 days after ship date. Defective item(s) may be exchanged/returned for the same item.

9. Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, and we know that you care about how information about your order is used and shared. We would like our international customers to be aware that cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by customs and/or postal authorities. Also, we may provide certain order, shipment, and product information, such as titles, to our international carriers, and such information may be communicated by the carriers to customs and/or postal authorities in order to facilitate customs clearance and comply with local laws.