Instructor Course L1


The Jump Rope Training Course® (Level 1) is highly recommended to those who are eager to improve their coordination, condition, concentration, who are ready to challenge their creativity and would like to be prepared to offer their customers the latest updates on jump ropes!

There are no prerequisites to take a Jump Rope Training Course® Level 1.
However, those who have a degree in any sport related field are welcome to include it into their application. The course aims at serving both professional and competitive athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts, by providing training and teaching methods for individual and group workout programs.

Upon completion of our training course you will be able to:

  • perform a variety of special jump rope skills
  • adjust jump rope exercises to different fitness levels – cue and correct common mistakes with jump ropes – lead a jump rope oriented warm up/fitness class
  • design a sport specific jump rope workout


  • Discount on Products
  • Continuous Education Specials
  • Access to Course Materials
  • Weekly Support from our Education Specialist

Price: 389 euros

  • Includes 79 euro annual licence fee
  • Discount on Products (30%)
  • Continuous Education Specials (20%)
  • Hard Copy of Course Materials
  • Regular Support from Education Specialist
  • 1 rope, 1 pair of socks, 1 outfit
  • Video Access to Jumpplus Classes
  • Creative Collection of Routines
  • Musical Support


  • Kangaburn Instructors – 25%
  • Teachers: – 25%
  • Students: – 25 %

Completing this course will qualify you for Jump Rope Training Course® Level 2.