Starter Pack

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Jumpplus Starter Pack is designed for those who would like to follow our professional Online Training classes. Designed for individual purposes, you share your jump rope goals with us, and we plan the classes for you accordingly!

We offer 10 teaching videos after you have completed the tasks you can send us your video so we can give you feedback via email.
During the course you can schedule one 20 minute long live training sessions with one of us!

As for the LEVEL, we did not specify any levels as we will be doing the classes, videos for your individual needs, so any level is welcome to join the Online Training!

Let’s just get started!



Online Training is a personalised training program that we offer to anyone who is looking into learning more about jump rope, polishing their technic and improving their skills!

If you wish, you can also send us a list of tricks that you would like to learn from us, and we will specifically focus on those moves!

There are no limits regarding one’s level of jump roping!

Let us know what your goals are and we will be happy to adjust the classes to your needs!

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