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  • Cable

    5.90 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus Cables are working great with any handle, whether shorter or longer. However, the adjusting clips we provide with the cables are designed to fit perfectly with our Jumpplus Handles.

    Fast and durable, excellent for tricks and multiples.

    The diameter of the cable is 4mm.

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  • Instructor Course

    Instructor Course L1

    229.00 inc. Vat

    Join us for a weekend and learn ALL ABOUT JUMP ROPE!
    We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna, on 9th-10th March!

    Small groups, plenty of one on one work, rich and informative education about jump rope.


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  • Jumpplus Long Plastic Ropes are excellent for Double Dutch Speed practices.

    Jumpplus DD Cable Rope

    36.90 inc. Vat

    Jumpplus DD Cable Ropes come in pair and they are used for Double Dutch Speed and multiple unders! The ropes are easy to turn, the long handles allow the turners to practice different turning combinations. The jumpers are always challenged to keep up with the speed!
    The ropes can be used indoors and outdoors, the regular size is 4.5 m. You can also adjust the size of the rope (for shorter). They are light and fast, mostly used for Speed Contests of Professional Jump Rope Teams. The material of the rope has a good flexibility and durability.

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 7 – 21 business days in Europe, 7 – 30 business days outside of Europe with Standard Postal Services.
    Due to COVID-19 delivery might be delayed.

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  • Pro Bead Jump Rope Silver Black

    Pro-Bead Jump Rope

    22.90 inc. Vat

    The Pro-Bead Jump Rope is mostly designed for advanced jump ropers who are looking to master new jump rope tricks and improve jump rope techniques.  The new beads are thinner than the ones on the regular beaded rope in order to make the rope faster. It is a great rope to use if you are looking to get a good feedback of your tricks but you are also looking for a higher speed.

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    Summer Camp

    150.00 inc. Vat

    Jump with us this summer from 1st to 5th August, 2022 in Kőszeg, Hungary.
    We are looking forward to welcoming participants of all ages.

    What you can expect if you join our camp?

    – great atmosphere
    – plenty of new jump rope moves
    – outdoor programs
    – camp closing show
    – international teaching stuff

    Make sure to save the dates and get ready to jump with us this summer!


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