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  • Jumpplus Instructor Course L2

    Instructor Course L2 – Prague 29/11


    For Level 2 Jumpplus Instructor Course we welcome our Instructors who have already completed their LEVEL 1 Training and eager to extend their knowledge with not only new tricks but plenty of new training ideas, jump rope workout plans and different forms of Jump Rope.

    The course will take place:
    ➡️ in Prague, Czech Republic
    ➡️ 29th November, 2020
    ➡️ from 9:00 to 17:00.

    What we cover during the Level 2 Course? 

    – Individual Training Plans
    – Pair Routines
    – Group Training (including Double Dutch)
    – Children Classes
    – Technical Classes
    – Creative Combinations

    We strongly recommend taking this course for those who are not only giving jump rope fitness classes but working on competitive level as well, and involved in the work of jump rope clubs!
    The focus is on presenting training methods that have been used by the best jump rope teams as well as by professional athletes coming from other disciplines.

    Completing this course will qualify you for Jumpplus Instructor Course Level 3.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
    E: info@jumpplusworld.com
    T: +420 773 684 364