Soft Grip


Elevate the feeling!

Take our Soft Grips, set it on your jump rope handles & get a great touch!
The non-slip surface will absorb every drop of sweat and will help maintain a precise grab of the handle!
On the top of excellent technical features, our 3 designs will make your handle look outstanding!

*Our Soft Grip can also be used for tennis and badminton rackets!

Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 3-6 business days in Europe, 7-9 business days outside of Europe!

3.90 2.80
3.90 2.80
3.90 2.80


Product information:
Width : 2,5 cm
Length : 110 cm
2 soft grips are necessary (1 for each handle)  if your handles are longer than 10cm

Enjoy your new design!!!

Additional information

Weight0.135 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 2 cm