Jamie Houston

Experience:10 years

Jamie Houston

Jumpplus Advanced Trainer


I first became interested in jumping rope whist I was doing boxing training at my local club, I loved using the rope as part of my training and soon became eager to learn more. I joined my local jump rope class.

And that is where I learned about all the different tricks and skills that can be done with the rope and what a great conditioning exercise it was for both keep fitters and athletes .

I’m am now a fitness instructor and have been teaching people to jump rope for the last 10 years both in classes and also teaching professional athletes how to use the jump rope for sports performance.

Whilst looking at jump rope videos online to further my skills I came across Adrienn and was amazed at her skills and speed.

I have now completed the Jumpplus Level 1 and Level 2 instructor courses, I will be taking Jumpplus classes as well as offering personal training for anyone wanting to learn how to use the jump rope to achieve their fitness goals.

Athletes looking to improve their conditioning and take their performance to the next level.

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