Petra Steiner

Experience:3 Years


Petra Steiner

Jumpplus Instructor


I am level 3 Personal Trainer, qualified at Premier training academy, I am also qualified Jumpplus Instructor, and a general nurse, a dental assistant and a deep tissue acupressure massage therapist.
My passion for fitness started at the age of 15 when I entered the gym for the first time. Since then I have trained at countless gyms, I experimented with different training programs.
After healing from an illness, that doctors told me was ‘incurable’, I changed my life. Since then I feel so alive a grateful for every day and I just want to try everything that is challenging and seems impossible. I am constantly thinking “what else can I achieve!?”
So 5 years ago, when I saw Adri skipping for the first time, I was trying to figure out how she does it, and also what the magic rope she was using was made of! Then came the days, when I was so ill, when I really only could watch the videos from my bed. But it made me forget for a short while and Adri just seemed so light and the movements looked effortless and and her energy was happy. So you can imagine, as soon as I healed, I contacted this wonderful lady and I wanted to learn the impossible tricks. And tell her of course the whole story. Skipping in front of my gym’s window, with a sunset view of London, my music, I feel free and I forget about the whole world, it is just that moment that is important. I absolutely love it.
Get in touch and jump with me in London!

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