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    LED Lighting Jump Rope

    23.90 inc. Vat

    It is a long lasting rope, the battery is rechargeable, the rope comes with a USB cable. The length of the ropes are adjustable. The handle has a bearing which makes the turning of the rope smooth and keeps the electric part protected.
    The bottom of the rope (which is touching the floor when jumping) has an extra protection, a plexit tube is over the rope which is preventing the damage caused by friction.
    However, we strongly recommend to use the rope rather on gym surfaces (wooden floor, ballet floor, PVC floor. Jumping on concrete will not only damage your rope but your joints as well!
    The Jumpplus LED rope is made for performing jump rope tricks, however, make sure that before you start working on new tricks with your LED rope you try performing them with a regular rope (we recommend Jumpplus Cable Ropes or/and  Jumpplus Beaded Ropes for this).
    Releases (when the handle of the rope is touching the floor with high speed) are not recommended.

    The ropes are not only great for tricks at night, but also compete with weighted ropes (200g), just in a lot more entertaining way! The sizes refer to the length of the rope, not including the handles.
    For the protection of the handles and better comfort we suggest that you add our Soft Grip to your purchase!

    Get yours today and enjoy a flashy workout at night!

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 7 – 21 business days in Europe, 7 – 30 business days outside of Europe with Standard Postal Services.
    Due to COVID-19 delivery might be delayed.


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