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  • Sale! Jumpplus Fitness

    Jumpplus Fitness

    59.90 41.90

    Are you ready to workout with us from the comfort of your home?
    We have put together your “most wanted” training program consisting of 5 different sessions:

    – Jumpplus Cardio (40 min)
    – Jumpplus Burn (40 min)
    – Jumpplus Body (42 min)
    – Jumpplus Core (46 min)
    – Jumpplus Flex (32 min)

    By purchasing Jumpplus Fitness you will be granted the access to all of above  workouts, as well as a free online live training session with us that we can schedule together!

    After you received your access code to the videos, what you need to prepare:
    – your Training Mat
    – your Jumpplus Rope
    – your set of Jumpplus Mini Bands
    – your Jumpplus Bottle
    – your Training Shoes

    You are ready to get in the best shape ever!



  • Sale! Jumpplus Shorts

    Jumpplus Shorts

    29.90 20.90

    Jumpplus Shorts are comfortable, anti-see through and quick dry. They are made to last and support your workout!. Maximum coverage while bending and stretching, you do not have to be afraid to lose your shorts, there is an extra layer of elastic which makes it comfortable and tight at the same time!
    Jumpplus Shorts are available in the following sizes:

    Kids Size (UK12)
    Women S
    Women M
    Women L

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 3-6 business days in Europe, 7-9 business days outside of Europe!

    Jumpplus Speed Rope


    For the ones, who are ready to work on their speed and multiple unders, enjoy doing drills and determined to do plenty of repetition to master good technic and boost their endurance, we offer our Jumpplus Speed Rope. These types of ropes are often used by competitive jump ropers, Crossfit Athletes, boxers, wrestlers who really devote a lot of time and energy to improve their footwork!
    Get your Speed Ropes and level up your endurance trainings!

    Upon completing your order, delivery can be expected within 7 – 21 business days in Europe, 7 – 30 business days outside of Europe with Standard Postal Services.
    Due to COVID-19 delivery might be delayed.

  • Sale! Jumpplus Live Classes

    Live Training


    You need motivation, you prefer to train together at real time, but you still like to enjoy staying home then our Live Trainings are for you!
    We also like to enjoy big crowds, having a great atmosphere, getting feedback during the class, seeing, hearing how you feel – even ONLINE!
    We offer our Live Trainings twice a week and you can join us from the comfort of your home!

    Currently the schedule for Live Trainings are:

    Mondays: 10:30 (GMT + 2)
    Thursdays: 10:30 (GMT + 2) 

    If for any reason  you cannot be present right at the time of the live class, but you already got your access, we have a solution: for 48 hours after the training is finished you can still access the video.

    We offer one time passes, as well as 10 passes for our trainings. You can pick the one that suits you best! Make sure you register for it, and ready to train with us already tomorrow!

    For the ones who purchased our Jumpplus Fitness program, we offer one Live Class for free (if you cannot make it for the live class, we will send you the video of it to your email!)
    Make sure you keep an eye on your emails!

    See you soon!