Be Active in 2023

Be Active in 2023 and reach your fitness goals with us.

Hope you guys had a great holiday season and recharged for the New Year and ready to Be Active again.
Our main goal for 2023 is to stay active and share a lot of special moments with the jump rope community. We have started the preparations for our annual national rope skipping competitions, and we also ventured further with opening more classes for youth and adults as well, mostly in Hungary.
We have been busily working on improving the quality of our jump ropes, adding new colours and more options to choose from, when it comes to designing your skipping ropes.
Make sure you visit our shop and checkout the possibilities.

If you have any New Year Resolution about getting fit and staying active in 2023, then here is a good cardio workout to start with!
You can enjoy our free training sessions and improve your endurance, strength and flexibility at the same time. What is your main goal this year? Do you have any special wishes?
We are looking forward to having you on board! If you are looking into learning more about jump rope and rather interested in a personal plan, make sure you check out the Online Private Classes.

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