Competition season is ON

Jumpplus Mini Team in action, right before the competition

In February, we have started with more competition season. Our Jumpplus Academy group participated at the National Demo and Team contest in Mórahalom, Hungary, where our mini team won first place in overall. The girls did an excellent job in adult category double dutch and came 6th overall. We did our first Demo contest with the Jumpplus Ladies “Pattogó Anyukák” who proved to be the public’s favourite during the competition. They have been working very hard during the preparation period and they deserved to came 5th overall.
The meantime, we are looking forward to our next challenges. Some performances are on schedule and more competitions for the younger ones.
We are also planning our summer camp already, so if you are thinking about joining us this year, keep the beginning of August free. You will not regret it! This year again, we are ready to welcome international instructors, who can help you learn as much about jump rope as possible. We will also offer adult classes and plenty of free time activities.

You can check a little part of the performance of our Ladies’ group: HERE
Make sure to keep an eye on our Pro-Bead Ropes as some new colors are popping soon!

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