Keep Moving!

Keep Moving

Yes, it is getting cold and in most countries are still difficult to enjoy facilities for sports due to COVID-19 restrictions. But! A jump rope is always handy, at home or outside, you can train alone or with your friends. It is important to keep moving, to be active and do not get stuck on the couch even when there is a not a lot of options to work out.
Twice a week we offer free classes on our Facebook PageInstagram  :
Tuesday: 10:30 am (GMT + 1)
Thursday:  10:30 am (GMT + 1)

Make sure you tune in, you only need a Jump Rope & a set of Mini Bands ! You can follow the classes from the comfort of your home, save time, be effective and get the always wanted results!

The meantime, we are also offering one-on-one classes online, please feel free to contact us for more information!

Be active and stay warm!

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