Pro Speed Jump Rope

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For the ones, who are ready to work on their speed and multiple unders, enjoy doing drills and determined to do plenty of repetition to master good technic and boost their endurance, we offer our Jumpplus Pro Speed Rope. These types of ropes are often used by competitive jump ropers, Crossfit Athletes, boxers, wrestlers who really devote a lot of time and energy to improve their footwork! We strongly recommend to use the speed ropes only on sport floors, and avoid direct use on concrete! The Jumpplus Mattress is an excellent addition to speed workout and provides a safe and comfortable surface that will preserve your ropes and give a longer life to it.
Get your Speed Ropes and level up your endurance trainings!

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Pro Speed Jump Rope

Jumpplus Pro Speed Rope definitely gives a lot of comfort and ease at turning the rope at the highest speed. It has a special grip on the handles, to make the holding of the rope easy even when your hands start sweating, the spongelike grip absorbs it. The other significant difference is in the bearing, it is made steel and it has a lot smoother spin than ropes with plastic bearing. We love to use this rope for all our speed trainings. 

Some technical information about our speed jump rope:
-special wire cable
-2 adjusting keys
– metal bearing
-plastic handles with sweat absorbing grip
-the size of the rope (3m) is easily adjustable.

This rope is a perfect choice for those who are ready to work on their speed and multiple unders! The adjustable length gives you the chance to use the rope for speed, double unders and triple unders as well. However, professionals usually walk around with at least 2-3 speed jump ropes, to have the perfect size for every single discipline. So they don’t have to change the size of the rope too often.
If you want to work on your strength beside your endurance trainings, we strongly recommend to use our Mini Band Set for your workouts! We also offer a lot of free exercise videos on our YouTube Channel, make sure to subscribe!
If you are looking for a more guided, rather long term plan then check out our Jumpplus Fitness Program you won’t regret it!

We are really excited to share our speed ropes and training tips with you!


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