Xmas Show in Szombathely

Xmas on Stage

We have some news for Xmas, but first of all THANK YOU for your Black Friday orders! We have been busily shipping out packages over the last week, and we hope that you will enjoy jumping with all your newly obtained Jumpplus Ropes. November is a really a great time to prepare for the holiday season, and we have definitely missed this opportunity last year.
This winter we hopefully get to do a lot more entertainment than last year. We are preparing for our Xmas show in Szombathely which will be played in the Weöres Sándor theatre with the title Xmas is ON,  19th December. If you are around, make sure you get your tickets on time, they are going very fast! The performance is relating to the 25th anniversary of our home jump rope club in Szombathely, however there will be other performances as well in the show, not only jump rope.

We will also organise a few workshops for small groups to keep the COVID guidelines early next year, as well as preparing for other shows.
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