Challenge Day 2022

Challenge Day 2022 - Active

It has been a super active month, with plenty of performances both for our Jumpplus Academy kids and our Jumpplus Trio. Our youngest groups took the stage at a few local events, and the older ones visited a few schools to perform at sports days. The Jumpplus Trio had the chance to showcase their talent in Spain, at the Basketball Final Four.
The meantime we have been preparing for Challenge Day 2022, for which we set the goal to have students from all the schools of Kőszeg as active as possible. They joined us for a morning full of exercises and fun. We managed to have over 500 people joining us and being active during that Wednesday. We are very thankful for all the school directors, teachers and students who took the time and energy to help us and make this event really memorable. If you feel like trying some of our workouts, do not hesitate to pick a VIDEO and give it a go.

May finished with a fun week representing Hungary at some international events, as well as with a great demonstration of our little ones who shared their skipping knowledge with their fellow students, and of course we were happy to welcome the parents in the audience.

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