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Training Camp in Brugge

Training Camp Brugge

After a great summer camp, we were really excited to plan more training for the autumn months. Our next destination was Brugge, Belgium where we joined the practices of Moving Baasrode for 5 days. It was a really great experience, and we learnt a lot. The meantime, Kata started performing in Canada with Flip Fabrique […]

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Jumpplus Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp in Kőszeg

We hosted our 4th summer camp this year in the beginning of August in Kőszeg, where we were super lucky to have amazing instructors, it was a blast. Kika (Czech Republic) and Sibu (South Africa) joined our team, and we had an amazing time, of course we learnt so much from them and we would […]

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Visited Schools

School visits

June is usually a month when we start to get the feeling for the summer holidays. But before the real heat kicked in, we visited a lot schools and spent some time with the kids, we shared some jump rope tips with them so that they can stay active during their vacation time. After the […]

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Challenge Day 2022 - Active

Challenge Day 2022

It has been a super active month, with plenty of performances both for our Jumpplus Academy kids and our Jumpplus Trio. Our youngest groups took the stage at a few local events, and the older ones visited a few schools to perform at sports days. The Jumpplus Trio had the chance to showcase their talent […]

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