Black Friday

Black Friday Sale

Here we go with our Black Friday Sale, look around and pick your favourite products. We offer a special discount on our Jumpplus Fitness Program, to help you get in shape or stay fit during the winter months. You can easily follow the classes at your home, you just need a good Jump Rope which you can find with 30% discount betweeen 21st and 30 November. Make sure you don’t miss your chance.
We also offer 10% discount on our 15% discount on our Jumpplus Mattress, which is an excellent surface for your home workouts. Let’s get into the winter time with all that you need for a great cardio and strength workout, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Besides the Mattress and the Jump Rope you might want to add a set of Mini Bands to be ready for a full body training.

Check out our social media for more product photos and videos, where you can see the widest variety of jump ropes and enjoy getting a sneak peek into our training routines. We have been generous this time. If you browse around, you will find plenty of products with great prices. Enjoy your shopping experience with us during the Black Friday Sales. Let’s exercise together during this winter time!

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