Jump Rope Workshop

Jump Rope Workshop

We had a crazy busy September with the Record Attempt and quite a few shows, as well as plenty of new classes started. For the end of October, we wanted to offer a special weekend for our students so we hosted a jump rope workshop in Szombathely. We were lucky to have Porter with us to jump in for a few classes and give a taste of his jump rope knowledge to our kids.
We also included some games into the weekend, and of course plenty of new tricks were mastered. The next event is already marked in the calendar! If you are nearby don’t forget to join our jump rope workshop on 4th/5th December in Kőszeg!

We are ready to spend a memorable weekend with you and of course, we will not hold back our jump ropes, having the participants work hard, learning plenty of moves and taking home a nice certificate at the end. You know 5th December is a special day in Hungary for Santa Claus, we will make sure we earn his visit.

Until then, make sure you browse our website, we have some great products to choose from. Let’s keep jumping towards the end of 2021 and make it an excellent start for 2022.

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