School Package

359.00 inc. Vat

  • We accept and are happy for you to love other sports
  • We focus on helping coaches, teachers train their athletes, students to their maximum potential when it comes to jumping rope!
  • We love to share ideas with you, trigger your creativity and help you with hints on how to include jump rope into your/your students’ training plans!
  • We provide videos made by several times World & European Champion Jump Ropers, who are also graduated as physical education teachers & personal trainers!Advantages:


    • The ropes don’t require a lot of space for storing
    • Easy to access & economic
    • Students can work individually
    • They can work in pairs
    • They can also work in groups
    • You can use music
    • You can measure the improvement of your students
    • You can set challenges …by time
    • You can create a performance etcDISADVANTAGES

      If you know about one, please let us know!




Over the last five years, we have visited more than 200 schools
Our goal is to spread the modern use of jump rope and inspire the new generation to stay active

We give Jumpplus Instructor Courses and we also train Physical Education teachers to help them plan versatile and creative classes by using jump rope(s)!

  • We focus on improving coordination, physical condition, creativity & concentration
  • We focus both on individual & group activities
  • We provide you 20 video links to learn from, including demo classes for schools
  • We give you ideas in a playful but professional way
  • Along with the videos, we offer 20 single ropes & 2 sets of Double Dutch Ropes at a discount price
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