Summer Camp in Kőszeg

Jumpplus Summer Camp 2022

We hosted our 4th summer camp this year in the beginning of August in Kőszeg, where we were super lucky to have amazing instructors, it was a blast. Kika (Czech Republic) and Sibu (South Africa) joined our team, and we had an amazing time, of course we learnt so much from them and we would have loved to keep them here for the rest of the year with us! We would like to host a couple of more events where we could have them back again for some more workshops and training camps. It has been a really memorable experience. In August we also had some bigger shows to prepare for! Our girls represented the Jumpplus Academy at the Handball City Festival of Telekom Veszprém Handball Team where they performed at the opening ceremony and in one of the halftimes of the games.
Our Jumpplus Trio had the privilege to be part of REESCH by VF ART projects where we started the rehearsals in August, for 2 weeks and premiered our first show on 2nd September. It was really an extraordinary experience, and we hope that the show will come back and can be performed in more and more cities. Thanks to all the crew! It was a pleasure.

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