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Visited Schools

June is usually a month when we start to get the feeling for the summer holidays. But before the real heat kicked in, we visited a lot schools and spent some time with the kids, we shared some jump rope tips with them so that they can stay active during their vacation time.
After the workshops, July we also had the chance to perform at quite a few events, one of the most memorable shows was for SCHOTT, in Lukácsháza for their family day. For our Jumpplus Academy kids, Schott has provided sponsorship for competitions and uniforms. Towards the end of the months, we were invited to perform at different local programs. Let us highlight some of them: Hungarian Fire Fighter race & Strong Men Contest.

The end of July, we went to Bratislava to watch the European Jump Rope Championships for Teams and Individuals, it was really a nice experience and great motivation for the next generation of jump ropers.

If you are not sure what sports you should keep yourself active with, and you want to get a good workout, maybe jump rope could be a great choice! You can find professional ropes and accessories on our site, and get workout ideas from our videos.

If you need any advice, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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