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Jumpplus Ladies in action

In June, we have been invited to perform at a few TV Shows, in Hungary, in Slovakia and Czech Republic as well. We have also represented the Slovakian Rope Skipping Federation near Bratislava at a national school sport contest in front of 1000 children. It has been a great promotion for jump rope and plenty of children got inspired. In June we have also performed for gala events, mostly in Hungary, where both our Academy girls and Kata were present. Adrienn has been performing in Switzerland and Stevens was busy at the French Basketball Finals with Popcorn Live.

Our Jumpplus Ladies group did a big work throughout the whole year and in June we started to revise the choreography for the summer events.
The Jumpplus girls and kids group finished the training season at the end of the month and we will be having most of the kids for the summer camp in the first 2 weeks of August in Lukácsháza.

We are also preparing for a couple of performances in July and August, so our competitive crew can keep being active a bit.

The meantime we have updated our shop with 2 new products, so that you can enjoy more colours with the choices of Pro-Bead Ropes. You can choose from yellow, pink and orange.

We are also proud of launching our new Pro-Speed Rope which has a super fast bearing and a very comfortable grip. Our speed and multiple under lovers can reach new levels with this rope.

Keep browsing our site and let us know if you need any tips for skipping.

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